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Divine Dutch Baby

One of our very special pancakes is the sought after Dutch Baby. It is handmade to order from a fresh daily precise batter by baking it in the oven until it reaches amazing fluffiness and a golden brown edge. They are served with lemon wedges, whipped butter, and sifted powdered sugar. They are served directly […]
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Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

Our trademark buttermilk pancakes are a favorite among our guests. This is no surprise since the batter is house-made everyday, according to the special Original Pancake House recipe with fresh buttermilk. Our chefs are skilled at cooking each one with care, to give them a fluffy soft inside and perfectly golden outside. There are many […]
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Decadent Georgia Pecan Pancakes

Georgia Pecan Pancakes are a favorite from our 16 kinds of pancakes. They are handcrafted with our daily house-made buttermilk pancake batter, then filled and topped with lightly roasted, chopped pecans. Once topped with fresh whipped butter and maple syrup, they are irresistible.